AMATSU @ AMATSUGOLD - Remove the Pain - Remove the Strain
Pain comes about for two reasons:
  1. an acute injury: we slip trip or fall, or
  2. repetition of a movement, which even if pleasurable, as in some hobbies or jobs, leads to a 'pattern'

Imagine a 'pattern' as a crease or a fold in the body according to the pathway of muscles used to complete the action or task.

Amatsu is good at finding this 'pattern' - it  looks for the whole pathway just like when a pebble is dropped into a pond it doesn't just look at the sight of pain, or where the pebble went into the water, it looks beyond, at the ripples throughout the body.

Muscle fibre is striated like the fibres which make up a birds feather, these fibres have hooks, just like Velcro, which, when all is well stick together making an effective vehicle for the transmission of neurological signals from the brain to crate action or mobility.  When a muscle is damaged these fibres do not stick together and the muscle does not function and is often accompanied by pain and inflammation,  Accupuncture can aid in the reduction of infammation and pain and Amatsu aids the correct functioning of these fibres so that when functioning once again exercise may be appropriate to assist with recovery.

Satsuma's in a bag

extreme ironing

Pelvis is like the hull of a sip and the spine is the mast.  The muscles either side of the mast is very likethe rigging and need to be balanced to give good mobility and bodiliy function.

Sol to a gel
like a honeycomb shape allowing flexibility

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