AMATSU @ AMATSUGOLD - Remove the Pain - Remove the Strain
"I heard the pop and knew my calf muscle had torn!  As a keen sports person I wasn't happy.  Debra got me mobile again quickly and my recovery has been really fast.  Debra now keeps me on track for all of my competitions." JD
"Amatsu has significantly helped me manage my IBS. If I get a flare up Amatsu really makes a difference in putting me back on track and I have realised the value of regular treatment to minimise the episodes of anxiety" LM
"I had booked a session with the Dentist believing I had toothache; the pain had become unbearable even giving me constant earache.  It turned out I was grinding my teeth at night.  One Amatsu session later when Debra had worked on my TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) and both symptoms has gone." GG
"My neck is great - so much more mobile and the headaches have gone!  Try it!" JJ
"Having grandchildren really challenged my knees!  I wanted to get down on the floor but getting up again was a struggle.  My daughter has Amatsu with Debra and can't praise it enough so I decided to give it a try.  Not only are my knees better but what I thought was lumbago and old age has improved and my back no longer hurts after I have been lying in bed all night."
Mrs W (Age 83)
"My daughter had been complaining of stiffness in her back when getting up in the morning and she is only 10.  It's horrid when your daughter has back pain, especially as she is so young, but as I take my other daughter to Debra and she is a County sports player, I knew Amatsu was gentle and the right treatment for my other child. The treatment is so gentle, yet effective that Sophie was relaxed about the treatment and it was such a relief when the next morning she woke up without any pains." CD
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