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The Amatsu Philosophy
Your body has many different systems, all of which must work in balance to give you the health you want. These fit into five main categories:

Physical: bones, muscles, and ligaments
Electrical:nerves and energy systems
Chemical:hormones, digestive system, diet
Mental:thoughts, emotions, beliefs and values
Environmental:where, when and how you do what you do

None of these work in isolation. With Amatsu, by treating the whole body, all of the elements will be able to work together to regain health, function and balance.
The Four Levels of Amatsu
Anma means to push and pull, in China this approach was called Amma and is now called Tuina. Anma has been described as similar to physiotherapy and Swedish massage.
Seitai - Japanese Physiotherapy
Seitai means to bring the body "back in order" - to utilise the body’s innate ability to achieve optimum health using the bodies own ability to heal itself. Seitai most closely resembles Western Osteopathy, although it is much more gentle.  It focuses on the head (on neck), Hara (spine/pelvis) and the feet to bring about symmetry. All treatments re-align and re-balance the person from head to toe whilst balancing the body, and the intrinsic cranial sacral system. This results in a restoration of symmetry and immune system enhancement, with a reduction in stress and strains.
Shinden Jutsu - Visceral and Ligament Balancing
Shinden Jutsu is the 'Heart' of Amatsu and incorporates the ancient art of Ampuka, which evaluates and releases restrictions around the organ or visceral system.   Correction of the viscero-anatomical connections are designed to raise the well being of the person.
Old injuries or strains leave a blueprint in the body that can continue to influence the body negatively for many years.  These old patterns change the visceral tissue making it more susceptible to the illnesses that we encounter, particularly as many of our lives are full of stress causing over load on our immune system.
Kenku Jutsu - Japanese Cranial balancing
Kenku Jutsu is the application of the principles of Amatsu to the Cranio-sacral mechanism and is an integral part of Amatsu medicine to restore balance and harmony.The head governs all spinal movements - where the head goes the body follows.
Cranial imbalances may affect our emotions, posture, dentition, mobility and can cause colic, restlessness and discomfort in new born babies.
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