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Frequently Asked Questions
How many treatments will I need?
Most acute conditions respond very quickly to Amatsu needing between 3 – 6 treatments.  Often clients report improvement in pain and mobility from the first session. Chronic conditions may take longer.  The underlying health of a client, plus how we have used our bodies over the years contributes to chronic conditions.  Injuries, the jobs that we do and the hobbies which have dominant, repetitive patterns, all contribute to our mobility and pain.
Why is Amatsu about regular ‘balance’ for the body?
Amatsu is more than a way of solving acute pain conditions.  Amatsu addresses the body’s systems at a number of levels.  Amatsu helps to:
  • Stimulate the removal of toxins
  • Improve circulation to tired muscles
  • Encourage body tone and co-ordination
  • Offer stability for the skeleton
  • Recharge the immune and nervous system
  • Restore the body’s balancing sense of proprioception
  • Support the management of painful conditions
  • Promote a sense good health and well being  
How frequently do I need to come for a treatment (balance)? 
The body is like a car, it has many systems which keep it functioning such as muscular, skeletal, lymphatic, blood pressure and digestive.  We expect it to work under all sorts of conditions: hobbies, repetitive and often stressful work, poor working environment, repetitive actions, long days or nights, irregular food and poor nutrition.  So, Amatsu is like an MOT, some people like to come between 4-6 weeks as it can keep the body functioning, reduce stressors and keep it well tuned to minimize life’s demands; it is well known that ‘prevention is better than cure’. 
Can Amatsu be used for pregnant women, babies, children and the elderly?
The techniques of Amatsu allow treatment right across the age range.
  1. Amatsu can effectively and safely treat back pain, Pelvic Symphis Disorder (PSD) and aid digestion and nausea in pregnant women, although treatment should not take place in the first trimester.
  2. Newborn babies may benefit from early treatment to balance the effects of birth.  Signs that Amatsu may help are: only turning their head to one side, constant crying or screaming, excessive colic, repeated ear, nose and throat problems. All of these symptoms may be helped by using cranial balancing techniques.
  3. Children can benefit from Amatsu, from aiding the restoration of balance when childhood tumbles take place to aiding balance and co-ordination issues associated with a number of syndromes such as dyspraxia.  Please note that under 16s must be accompanied by an adult at all Amatsu sessions.
  4. Elderly clients find Amatsu aids mobility, reduces pain, helps balance and is entirely safe.
Are there any contraindications to Amatsu?
The following conditions may not be suitable for Amatsu treatment or may be treated with the consent of the Consultant in charge.
  • The first trimester of pregnancy
  • Cancer
  • Open wounds
  • Broken bones 
Amatsu therapy should not be used to replace medical treatment without consultation with your GP 
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