AMATSU @ AMATSUGOLD - Remove the Pain - Remove the Strain
Amatsu treatment is conducted fully clothed so wear something comfortable. 

Acupuncture may require the removal of clothing.

A comprehensive Registration Form will be completed asking you the reason for seeking treatment, current medication, medical history, your diet and digestion, sleeping pattern and emotional state are also considered. 
Acupuncture Treatment

If treatment is with acupuncture your pulses, on both wrists, will be taken and Debra will also look at your tongue.

Acupuncture points will be selected, these are not necessarily in the area of the problem and can include auricular points. Through the insertion of very fine, hair like, needles the body systems will be stimulated and encouraged to rebalance.

Amatsu Treatment

You will be asked about your pain
  • its nature and intensity
  • episodes of pain
  • triggers for pain
As pain is personal you will be asked to give it a number from 1-10
(10 being extremely painful)
Your range of movement will be assessed

Your pelvis and spine will be evaluated by observation and muscle testing or by using relevant orthopaedic tests
All of this allows us to 'benchmark' the current state of your health and be clear about the improvements that you would like to make. 
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